The British Commercial Vehicle Museum has a compelling story to tell .
It represents one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United kingdom.

Over one milllion people in the UK are employed in some way with the road transport industry and its infrastructure.
Trucks carry more than 98% of the goods purchased in Britain, keeping the wheels of industry and commerce turning.
Road passenger transport carries over five million people per day.
Road transport is literally the lifeline of the nation.

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland Lancashire has for the past twenty years been dedicated to preserving the history of the road transport industry in the United Kingdom. Its exhibits and archives contain not just examples of the vehicles themselves, but evidence of their interaction with a century of daily life.

This is one of Britians most important heritage collections – a unique display of historic commercial vehicles and buses spanning a Century of truck and bus building.

Visitors can view an imaginative display of vehicles, which use sound and lighting special effects to give a virtual reality tour for all the exhibits, creating a spectacular and fascinating exhibition.

The purpose of the exhibition is not only to inform, but also to trigger the visitors imagination, stir the emotion and create a real sense of atmosphere.

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